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    I am not an elected Strata Committee member but I am an Owner Occupier so part of the Owners Corporation. At our AGM each year prepared by our Strata Manager there is always a Motion to allow the SC to make decisions on behalf of the OC up to $30,000 for any one off repairs/maintenance work required, above that nominated amount it needs to be referred back to OC .  At the last AGM in January it was discussed/ decided to replace all foyer entrance light fittings. A couple of designs/colours were suggested and selection was to be left to newly elected SC.  It was anticipated cost would be between $3,000 and $4,000.

    Consequently existing fittings were removed and electrical wires were taped up in preparation for new light fittings.  Unfortunately that is how it has remained for the last 8 months.  After months of requests trying to find out when work will be completed I am now told by a committee member that the SC can not decide on a fitting because it falls under Fixture/Fittings not repairs/maintenance and the best anyone can do is purchase a couple of different fittings, have them installed by an electrician then get all OC members to vote to decide on one fitting, but not to worry because they were trying to get work done by Christmas – 12 months for light fittings!

    I contacted SM only to be told that was correct SC did not have authority to make decision.  Can someone please tell me if this is correct?  In any case the length of time is totally unacceptable, I consider 12 months of exposed, taped wires 11 months too long, it devalues our property, it looks like we do not have funds to complete work and our financial position is really very healthy.  What can I and other Owners do, where can we go, who can we talk to so work is completed. Thank you in advance for any suggestions

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