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    Firstly, thanks to Jimmy T for the honourable mention.  Though some may wonder, stalwart or someone with too much time on their hands?!

    My home is my biggest investment, until my super picks up and grows considerably.  So I do take it seriously.  As should we all.  Those who do not think it affects them should consider that their kids will need to live somewhere and usually that will be strata.  And when your parents get old and need to downsize, its the villas, townhouses or perhaps low rise apartment blocks.  And those who believe they will be in a house forever, there maybe financial and health considerations in the future. And even those who do stay in houses, unless you live on acerage in the country, you will probably have strata nearby.

    Medium/high density living is a fact of life in and around cities for the purpose of cost and proximity to where the work is.  One way or another, directly or indirectly, strata affects as all.  That it why it is important to ensure that it is addressed correctly.  From planning, building, designing, running, regulations, positioning and governing bodies!  It is only going to get bigger!  So lets make it better.

    And by the way – I do have too much time on my hands!


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