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    Sometimes you have to admire professional companies’ entrepreneurial spirit.  Other times you just have to laugh.

    I have just killed two emails from a company in WA that I’m going to call Strata Lentil which is nearly but not quite their name.

    “Anybody can call themselves a strata manager in WA,” their email begins, before extolling their own virtues as diligent professionals.

    Well, you know, diligent professionals would have read the intructions on this website about not posting advertising material in the guise of information (unless you are a sponsor, of course).

    Interesting, though, that there is no professional registration or certification of strata managers in the Wild West.  But they do have spammers, that we know from the emails sent to us here.

    It’s not rocket surgery, folks.  Read the instructions and if you want to join the discussions – and get your company’s name mentioned – a polite request would have done it.

    Sneaking in through the back door, hoping we won’t notice, well, that’s just lentil!

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