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    We are an 8 unit complex in Armadale, Melbourne.

    We have selected a new strata manager, despite one unit owner trying to down-grade them because they are not a member of an industry group for strata managers called SCA (Strata Community Association).

    How important and relevant is that a strata manager be a member of this association ?

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    The SCA is the peak body for strata managers in Australia.  They are most active in NSW and to a lesser extent in Victoria.

    What do they offer?  They have a code of conduct, for a start.  It’s not a guarantee of anything but it should be more reassuring than a warm smile and a firm handshake.

    I wouldn’t touch a strata manager who wasn’t a member of SCA.  Why would you imagine that a professional who doesn’t join his or her professional body is a better choice than someone who does?

    Your strata scheme members’ lack of knowledge of what you are getting into, evident in this and many other posts, suggests to me that your scheme needs to put in more safeguards, not fewer.

    If you aren’t going to hire an accredited strata manager, you’d be better off doing the job yourself, using something like Stratabox.

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