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    Did try to find answers in FlatChat maze but am FlatChat virgin so apologies if I’ve missed this somewhere else . . . does ‘Strata Schemes Management Regulation Schedule 2 Bylaws for pre-1996 strata schemes’ (verbatim from letter uploaded to company website so can only assume Reg made under Strata Schemes Management Act NSW 2015) apply to company title buildings?

    Since early 1990s have been only owner/occupier of unit in company title block of six.  All OK until four of six units inherited/bought by husband/wife who no  longer consult or even communicate with us two owners (eg change from individual to communal bins decided by two majority shareholders alone—fait accompli only discovered by accident when I rang Council about new bin collection).

    Am now being threatened with bylaw breach and $2200 fine under this Reg because I had temerity to swap (for various reasons, mostly to do with my safety) parking space with another resident without committee approval. Other resident was happy to do so, no-one else affected.

    Did not believe I needed committee permission since majority shareholders did not object when I previously obliged another resident (majority shareholders’ daughter!) by swapping car spaces with her so she could more easily wrangle small child from her car.

    Directors/Committee (ie two majority shareholders, despite Articles of Association stating that company must have one director from each unit) and managing agent have repeatedly ignored formal requests for copies of bylaws but I doubt they exist: in almost 30 years, have neither discussed nor been advised of any (much less to do with parking) and nothing on ‘Bylaws’ section of company website on stratamanageit.com.au.

    Finally, have significant concerns about governance so also would like to know: Is individual membership of Owners Corporation Network worthwhile for company title issues? (Believe I will need to network to find specialist company title lawyer soon: oppression finally getting to me.)

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