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    I accidentally fell into feeding stray cats many years ago and now care for 30 of them on a daily basis. In over 8 years that I have been doing this, where for the initial 3 years only three cats were being fed, I have not caught any diseases from any of the cats.

    And, a few of them were in such terrible condition that I was at first concerned I myself might catch something. However, I took precautions and always had anti-bacteria wipes with me to clean my hands, to clean the trays before and after use (yes I would even go back to collect the trays and remove a thin green plastic cover of the like you find at Woolworth’s fruit and veggie stalls) and dispose of it properly.

    I even applied the treatment to rid them of worms and fleas for many of them. Which itself is not a cheap exercise. I paid for all the food I gave to these beautiful abandoned and born free cats out of my own money, which I don’t have much of, considering I am on welfare with disability. I simply ensured their survivable by spending the least on myself and the results speak for themselves.

    The cats are all well behaved and don’t act in any aggressive manner. So I find it rather perplexing the arguments for why we should ignore stray cats and not feed any of them. Is there not an ounce of compassion or empathy left in the human race? If there are people who are willing to spend their own money and time to care for these sentient beings then why make it difficult for them?

    Why not come to a mutual arrangement with a volunteer cat carer, where they can be cared for on the common property where they reside (because it is highly likely that is where they were born), where they can leave food, water and milk for the cats, provided s/he keeps the area clean and collects any poo that may be left on driveways and walkways  per se, which I also take the liberty of doing myself.

    In all but one location, people welcome what I do. In the location where I am not welcome it is again only one or two residents in the apartment block that seem to have an unexplainable dislike and unconditional hatred towards these cats without an owner.

    And, despite trying to engage in conversation to understand their mindset they continue to lie to authorities about me and try to disrupt what I am there to do and then leave. From my observation and experience caring for these cats I have gotten to know the true nature of cats and they are the most affection creatures towards one another where there are several siblings on the common property as well as the way they show their gratitude towards me for crony for them. I

    f you have no belief in a universal creator (God) then no line of argument will likely convince the anti-cat people unless they have previously had a cat as a pet. If you have a belief in a higher power and still are against people caring for these cats with your irrational and flawed arguments then perhaps you need to awaken from your ignorance if at all possible.

    Go around with one of the carers to see for yourself the way these unfortunate cat souls have to live out their lives amongst us human beings and how they respond to the human touch that expresses unconditional love towards them. By which I mean I don’t just leave good and depart. In some instances, I will try to form a bond with them, talk to them, try to comb any knots out of their fur, clean them up if they are covered in muck or poo with anti-bacterial wipes and paper towels and show affection towards them.

    The results that I have personally observed speak for themselves. I only wish others who dislike and hate cats could see what I have seen and those that I have been able to save from their respective near-death experiences because they had been abandoned and unable to find food, or catch prey for themselves in our concrete and bitumen suburbs.

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    Flame Tree (Qld)

    I appreciate your kindness towards your growing collective of cats. Good for you. However, not being a cat person I wouldn’t like to see them frequenting my apartment block and assuming they make noise and mess that others don’t feel they have signed up for nor find acceptable in a shared community environment. I don’t think local Council services would support your cause in it’s current location either. But anyways, keep on keeping on but I can see some issues you might find challenging to continue with on this issue.

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