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    Faraway girl

    This letter was sent by our Strata Manager to ONE of our owners.

    The background to the letter is that the date of our AGM was determined by the Strata Manager in consultation with our Secretary and that date was posted on our noticeboard.

    One owner some weeks later requested that the AGM date be changed, however all other owners had planned travel, holidays, health appointments around this date so the chairman advised the Strata Manager that the date was unable to be changed.

    My question is : do others believe this email is appropriate for a Strata Manager to write when acting on behalf of the OC and if not what actions could be taken by the OC.

    This is not the first time such things have occurred, however the only reason the Office Holders of the OC saw this is that it was sent to them by mistake as it was in the thread of other emails regarding the AGM.

    Here is the email:

    I received an email back from Xxxx and they  are refusing to change the date.  You may wish to have your lawyers send a letter.  They claim that other owners have already planned their activities around the date of xxxxxx

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