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    Our building has existing Foxtel cabling to every unit and the strata committee has written to the NBN to ensure that this cabling is used to connect the units to the NBN.

    Meanwhile we have people claiming to be from the NBN or an ISP turning up and drilling through walls in common areas and attaching cables to walls based on a request from tenants for an NBN plan.

    Is the NBN or an ISP entitled to make changes to a building without authorisation of the unit owner or the owners corporation?


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    In my building where I am Secretary I was contacted by NBN prior to installation seeking OC permission. I had to sign forms agreeing to the work and attesting that I had the authority to sign for the OC.


    One submitted the work proceeded using some of the existing Foxtel cabling and box. Then the installers of the NBN box either used existing Foxtel points or at a mutually agreed and reasonable point in the unit.


    There were no external changes to the building for the installation of the NBN box in each unit. This box is only installed when the owner chooses to engage an NBN RSP.


    The Foxtel cabling will only be used IF the building is being connected to HFC, if the units are getting FTTB or FTTN then the existing copper phone line will be used from the MDF to the premises.

    Requests by carriers other than NBN to install equipment in your MDF room should be strenuously fought in accordance with Schd 3 of the Telco Act.


    My partner does the NBN backbone install into buildings with multiple occupants (aka MDUs). The stories I hear of bad planning by the NBN surveyor and misappropriated approvals by the strata manager where the OC/building owner were not involved is repeated regularly.

    Knowing the shenanigans that come from the backbone install process check that your SM has followed the requested use of existing services. I also have a feeling that the existing Foxtel service can’t be used in HFC install, something to do with it being owned by Foxtel.

    Otherwise I would add to JTs  advice with: NBN responds well to noisy complaints.


    When the mobile phone system was being set up, there was  (and is) a part of the relevant law that said you couldn’t prevent companies from installing communications infrastructure.

    When broadband came on the scene, some companies leapt on this as a way of forcing themselves into apartment blocks and installing their cabling (to the exclusion of rival providers).

    But smart blocks hit back, saying okay, we can’t stop you from installing your infrastructure, but we still have a major say in how it’s done.

    I’m guessing that quirk in communications law is what this provider is using, but they are trying it on.  They need strata approval and, in any case, tenants shouldn’t be doing anything to common property.

    If you want to nip this in the bud, hit the tenants with a bitll for repairs and order the broadband provider to remove their cables form common property.  See what happens then.

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