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    Can someone comment on the following question about voting. If myself and my spouse own a lot as joint tenants – do we both have to attend the meeting and vote? If only one of us wants to attend the meeting, how does only one person obtain the appropriate authority to represent the joint tenancy?

    What if a lot is owned by 4 family members as 25% interest tenants in common and only one of them comes to the meeting to represent the interest of all the owners. How does this 25% interest owner obtain the authority to act/vote on behalf of the other owners?

    Is there any difference in these rules for different types of meetings.


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    It’s all about whose name is on the strata roll.  It’s generally accepted that only one of a couple who are joint owners has to attend a general meeting to vote. And the attendee can’t nominate themselves for election to the committee – they need a letter of nomination from their co-owner.

    Regarding multiple owners, this is usually done through a company structure in which case the company’s official nominee should be established in writing with the secretary, under Section 22 of the Act.

    This only applies to general meetings – owners can’t vote at committee meetings unless they are on the committee and only one co-owner from each property can be on the committee.

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