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    I naively purchased a villa in a two lot Strata Plan in 2012.  My building inspection indicated possible termite damage.  The vendors were the executors of a deceased estate.  Their solicitor gave me written permission to repair the damage.  I proceeded with the purchase. I then had verbal approval from the other owner to repair the damage.  When the gyprock was removed I had to replace the external stud frames of three bedrooms.  The bill was $4885.  I also had to replace the back boundary fence which was dilapidated and falling down in sections. My strata plan neighbours paid their half. I paid the balance.I am asking the Owners Corporation for payment of half of my costs.

    The Owners Corporation has not had a meeting since 1995. There has not been an administrative Fund or Sinking Fund since 1995.  There is no explanation for whereabouts of funds balances as of cessation of self management in 1995. The villas were under insured by $270,000 until I suggested the amounts insured werinadequate.                                         

    I am referred to by my neighbour as money grabbing and toxic.  I have a mediation session shortly.  Adjudication resulting in an appointed strata manager has been a failure. They took three months to call an AGM.

    How do I recover my money?

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