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    In case you missed it, there was an X-Files episode about community living this week. In the episode, anyone who breached the community rules got a visit from the creature from the black lagoon. It was hilarious. It’s available on SBS on Demand as episode 15 “Arcadia” in series 6.


    They’re lucky.  In my block the creature would be elected chair … provided it kept levies in check.

    AvatarNot An Apartment

    In my block, the CreatureFromThe Black Lagoon would raise the levies and take a bigger cut and when all the “no, sorry, really, I don’t have moment to spare to come along to the AGM, and I trust you to do what’s good for all”, finally get around to attending their first every meeting, just so they can complain about the raised levies – well, the CFTB Lagoon would stand up, rip it’s head off to reveal – that I AM THAT CREATURE! And I would start ripping the hea………….

    Okay , so I’ve probably gotten a little carried away, but ……….Jeez, just for a moment, it felt Great!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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