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    Star of stage musicals like the Boy From Oz, and former Dancing with the Stars judge Todd McKenney has weighed into a Sydney pensioner’s battle to keep his greyhound after his strata scheme changed its by-laws to ban pets. According to a story in the Daily Telegraph this week (July 7), 83-year-old Colin Marshall bought a …

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    As an EC/SC member for many years and a dog lover and owner, I still take exception to new owners who present proposals for larger dogs in strata without first clarifying bylaws or seeking approval as a condition of sale.

    People forget that strata committee members don’t make the bylaws yet they are tasked with enforcing them and it is pretty much impossible to keep all owners and residents happy.  We also don’t get paid!

    When a new owner moves in and then seeks approval for their pet that does not comply with existing bylaws,  it puts committee members and all owners in a very difficult position. Any prospective purchaser has a responsibility to ensure that their requirements vis-a-vis pets, parking, parties etc will comply with exiting bylaws. If they do not then they need to structure their terms of purchase such that they can achieve required approvals or otherwise void the contract of sale. We call that “taking responsibility” and “making informed decisions”. Old fashioned ideas to be sure.


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