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    I have bought into a two unit scheme in 2012 which has been a nightmare. My neighbour has had ownership since the units were built in 1989.  Meetings stopped in 1995.  Sinking and administration funds were wound up at the same time and the balances used to pay the lawn mowing man.  The insurance was under valued by $200,000.  The neighbour has fenced off the garden in front of her unit without permission or an exclusive use by law.  This week she had the timber fence demolished and replaced it with a battleship grey colorbond which is incongruous with the two units and makes a gross effect on the street scape.  She did not get owners corporation approval for the installation of the new fence on common property.  I complained to the managing agent, who I had appointed by an adjudicator because the OC was completely dysfunctional.  Three days later and my emails have not been answered and the fence is fully installed.

    This neighbour has been a law unto herself for 27 years and has resented my attempts to make the OC function in a manner which respects the Strata laws of NSW.  The two villas have been neglected for 27 years and require a lot of maintenance.  New gutters, painting, rotten timber retaining walls, damp slab for my unit, tree roots in sewer pipe, subsiding causing bent sewer pipes and blockages, etc.  There is no money in the kitty.  The agent is useless and plays the victim. She just keeps saying she should walk away because she is not paid enough.  She set the rates.

    What do i do?  Where do I start?  I have been to an adjudicator and got the useless managing agent.  I have been to mediation and got no result.

    The damp slab causes me great concern because I only have  half the use of my lungs and my bedroom blinds are covered in mould as are my lampshades.

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