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    Our upstairs neighbours have replaced their carpet with a product called Karndean Loose Lay Planks. The concrete slab was levelled with a skimcoat of a magnesite product and the 4.5mm thick vinyl planks were laid directly on top (no insulation).

    The impact noise in our unit has gone from almost nothing to hearing every footstep and furniture movement.

    The CSIRO Test of the product gave it a Ln,w rating of 64 on a 1500mm slab and I understand even the Building Code requires 62.

    Our by-laws state that all floors should be acoustically treated to ensure the transmission of noise doesn’t unreasonably disturb the peaceful enjoyment of any other owner/occupier. Also that the removal or replacement of any floor coverings are deemed as works. The by-law relating to works says that an application should be made to the owners corporation and include certification from a specialised consultant that the works will not affect the structural integrity or amenity of the building or any part of it.

    Our approaches to the neighbours failed completely and they will not enter into any communication at all, so we took the matter to the committee.

    The Committee wrote to the owners and received an aggressive response describing the work done and stating that no by-laws have been broken and as only minor renovations have been carried out permission is not required.

    We are not privy to the committee consultations and are waiting to see if they will take further action.

    We are hoping that the committee will continue their efforts but the matter has been going on for four months. We are not sure if we should take it up ourselves through mediation/adjudication and what chance of success we have.

    Any advice on the situation and what we should do would be really appreciated

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