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    One owner in our 4 unit block in NSW has erected a 5 foot high wood slat screen on her balcony, fixed to the outside wall of the building for support. She is on the Strata committee and I believe the Chair assisted her. There was no prior committee or general approval (I am also on the committee and we 3 are the only ones who attend meetings).

    I have no objection to the screen and do not want to upset my neighbours. Do I just let it go, or should I do something about it?

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    Yes, we never want to upset anyone, which is ironic when in many cases we are raising issues about someone doing something wrong, or not quite right….. But anyway.

    If the owner has affixed the screen to the common property she needs to get approval of the owners in a general meeting and a by-law to reflect her responsibility for the screen. If you don’t do that, then if something goes wrong with the screen there may be a dispute about who is responsible. You can say to her that you just want to make it clear that she is responsible for the screen.



    I agree with Scottie 100 per cent.  This Forum is littered with stories about changes to common property that went through on the nod, only  for a new owner  to demand that the unofficial additon to common property be repaired at the OC’s expense.

    Reassure your neighbour that this is just procedural, that she has the required support, but this needs to be done properly or it can’t be done at all.

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