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    Hi all,

    I am an owner but am not on the Strata C’tee because I insisted on transparency. Gaining access to the OC’s accounts has been very hard over the years. Finally when I did gain access, many documents were missing.

    Recently every owner agreed to change managing agents. Just prior to the change, I asked to inspect the books held by the soon to be ex-managing agent. Lo and behold, SOME documents previously denied me magically appeared. Amongst them was a lot balance report of the Tsr.

    I saw that a couple of years back rather than pay $1,000 in levies in one qtr he paid $10,000. No explanation at the time or since was given why he made such a payment.

    A month after his $10,000 payment, the strata manager withdrew $10,000 from the OC’s account. No explanation by the managing agent or the SC or the Tsr at the time or in the documents made available to me elaborate on why this dubious payment was made and to whom.

    Two months later the Tsr’s lot balance report reveals the strata mgr paid the Tsr $10,000. No explanation at the time or in the accounts made available to me explain why $10,000 was repaid and repaid without the OC’s approval.

    I asked the new managing agent to look into this and his reply was “this was done by the previous agent, I cannot help”. Of course this is obfuscation at best. ALL available records were handed over to the new agent. How can the previous agent help, even if he wanted to as he has no documentation with him.

    What steps can I take to get to the bottom of these “irregularities”?

    Thank you.

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