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    Hi All!


    So, my application for an extremely nice unit in the Concord area of NSW has been accepted, I am extremely excited to say the least! On inspection and upon approval of my application, was approval for my pet to reside with me by the agent and obviously the owner. ( a bit of background, I have lived in the same apartment for 5 years now and bought my Pomeranian when I first moved in 5 years ago, so he is house trained and has never had a complaint against him ).


    I have placed application to the strata for approval of having a pet (previous tenant also had a dog as confirmed by the agent on inspection of the property ). Strata refused my application based on issues they had with the previous tenants dogs. Now, after several emails going backwards and forwards (majority being replied by the strata within a short time frame and discrepancies proving they haven’t even acknowledged my application properly) they are still refusing the application based on previous tenants. They have advised the following


    “….under no circumstances are ***management to allow any prospective tenants in apartment 1 to house a dog. This was due to the recent problems with the former tenant moving out due to issues with their dog and also with the past problems since 2014, where the tenant’s dog caused major problems which triggered the Breakfast Point Community Association to intervene, no approval will be granted for a dog in unit 1.

    This information was conveyed you the release estate agent and then should have been filtered to yourself. Confirming the dog is NOT approved.

    As per my previous email, should any attempt be made to move in with the dog, the Strata Committee will lodge an application immediately with NCAT for the immediate removal of the dog.”


    Could someone please help!! this to me seems to be an unreasonable refusal.

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