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    Hi, I own a lot in a 2-lot single-tier strata scheme in WA and there is no public liability and common property insurance in place.  Does anyone know if section 99 (member may obtain required insurance) of the amended Strata Titles Act 1985, relates to all strata schemes including single-tier, or whether only Schedule 2A clauses 53A-53E apply?  Thanks in advance 🙂

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    I am neither a lawyer nor an insurance agent but I thing part 5 of schedule 2 applies to your situation.  Section 99 seems to be for larger schemes where the strata committee (company) hasn’t got round to getting required insurance a concerned owner goes ahead and arranges it themselves then gets compesated by the strata scheeme.

    Schedule 2, Part 5 seems to say, in a small two or three-lot, single-level strata scheme:

    1. you need to get insurance

    2. you can get it individually or collectively.

    3. You should work out with your neighbour(s) what it’s going to be.

    4. If one gets strata insurance individually, then the other(s) must look after themselves too.


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