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    I live in an apartment with a balcony large enough for a 6 person dining table. That combined with a fantastic view means that I spend a lot of time on the balcony and regularly have guests over for brunch and dinner parties etc.

    My upstairs neighbour will without warning or consideration regularly decide to clean down his balcony or water his plants such that so much water cascades onto my balcony as to make my balcony unusable.

    I have made it very clear to this neighbour that this has to stop. At first he apologised and if I yelled out when the water would start to fall from his balcony onto mine, he would cease.

    However of late he has taken a very belligerent attitude. This morning (Saturday 9am) he responded to my request to stop with “tough luck” and continued send water onto my balcony.

    My neighbours on the same level as myself has experienced the same issue with this fellow resident. They have had a least one instance of having to abandon a meal on their balcony when the upstairs neighbour decided to create a water feature down one side of the building. 

    Apart from writing to the body corporate, what other avenues are avialable to me?



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