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    We have experienced substantial water damage to a floating floor.  A garden tap in the private courtyard of an adjacent unit was left on.  Attached to the tap was an individually owned garden hose to which was affixed a sprinkler “gun” (operated by a trigger).  The gun was blown off the hose by the water pressure at a time when there was no one home in either our unit or the adjacent unit.  Water flowed for several hours.  The water penetrated the common wall between the units and caused damage to our floating floor, skirtings, bedroom carpets, a bedroom door jamb & a built-in wardrobe.  There was no water damage to the adjacent unit.

    Our contents insurer has accepted our claim for the loss of the carpets but has denied liability for all other damage.  Our building is 6 years old.  We are the original owners and the floating floor was installed by the builder as part of our purchase contract, although at our request the originally laid ceramic tiles and carpet in the hallway & living area were removed and replaced before we settled & occupied. Perhaps significantly the floating floor was laid after registration of the strata plan.

    The owners of the adjacent unit have contents insurance as do we; the OC has appropriate building insurance.

    Who is responsible for what?

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