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    Hi – great forum, I hope it takes off!


    I have a question about water meters. I'm in a block of 10 flats and I'm the only resident owner (so I feel like I'm the only one who cares!).


    We have a common water meter so basically I get billed for 1/10 of the whole block's water usage, as I understand it. I feel like I'm living with water Wallies, though, because my daily usage went from under 155L per day when I was renting in a separately metered flat to over 250L per day (apparently) now. I don't want to pay for everyone else's water usage – they have little motivation to use less because it's free for them, as they are all tenants and the owners are paying. It just drives me nuts because I'm trying to do the right thing and save water.


    Has anyone ever converted a common meter to separate meters? How do you do this and how much did it cost?

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