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    The neighbors below recently renovated both bathrooms in our 3 story block. I very infrequently heard water pipe banging before but now hear this pretty constantly. I’ve checked just now at 10.40pm and they are the only lights on surrounding / below me / im top floor, so pretty sure it’s their plumbing causing the noise. Any suggestions on how to go about pursuing this in a full yet friendly way? I appreciate it might be taps, or laundry or dishwasher, but either one it’s just not right.


    This is not unusual – it has to do with columns of air being disturbed by the renovation work – but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Report it to your strata committee or strata manager (water pipes outside the lot are common property) and ask them to employ a plumber or a hydraulic engineer who really, really knows what they’re doing.  Every plumber will tell you they can fix this – some can, many can’t.

    By the way, there is evidence around that allowing water hammer to go unchecked can damage pipework and connections, leading to other much more serious issues.

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    thanks, mention it first to the friendly neighbour on the quiet (seeking what if so?), or go straight to the committee as/how you suggest? cheers, C.





    Go to the committee.

    They can have a plumber install a device on the common property…………….sometimes it takes more than one……….and as previously mentioned………….sometimes it doesn’t work!


    There are tap washers available from any large hardware store that are designed to minimise water hammer. Instead of being a flat round disc they are C-shaped in section view.  Users must also learn to turn off the taps very gently to avoid crushing them against the seat. I have used these myself, and they had a definite beneficial effect though they aren’t as good as firmly restraining the vibrating pipes with pipe saddles.

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