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    Has anybody hired a landscape gardener or other tradesperson to waterproof the front of a building at ground level to stop rain runoff entering the foundations? Does anyone have a recommendation?

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    Lady Penelope
    Lady Penelope

    Gasser – Do you want a paint on rubberised membrane or do you want a solution that is injected into the wall? What you use will depend on the depth of your foundations, and whether you have garages etc located below ground level. 

    I needed to water proof a partially subterranean wall in a room in my former home in Brisbane and an injectable water proof solution was brilliant. This was injected on the negative side of the wall. This is a specialised trade. 

    I would contact a water proofing specialist if I was you and discuss your options.

    Here is a comprehensive brochure that explains the various types of waterproofing solutions:

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    If waterproofing is the only solution to your issue, a waterproofing specialist can provide good advice and recommend product and methods.  I would seek advice from more than one waterproofer if you choose that path as opinions can vary between contractors.

    Jumping to a waterproofing solution may, depending of a whole range of factors, be only treating the symptom of the problem rather than the underlying cause.  For example, a common underlying (or at least contributing) cause of dampness problems in buildings is poor stormwater drainage in and around the building.  Getting the drainage right has the potential to reduce or eliminate dampness problem.  Waterproofing specialists may not be in a position to fully consider underlying causes therefore an option worth considering could be to obtain advice from an independent building professional to advise on the best overall solution.

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