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    It seems Flat Chat has a reach way beyond the shores of Australia, if news coming out of the Scottish capital Edinburgh is anything to go by.

    This time last year we were quoted extensively in the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK, warning that Edinburgh faced major problems if they didn’t act quickly to curb short-term rentals of …

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    In an article in today’s online News, there is quote that Airbnb endorses the Mayor of London’s proposal for registration of Airbnb premises.

    In a statement to The Mirror, an Airbnb spokesman said the property had been removed from their platform.

    “Airbnb is the only platform that works with London to limit how often hosts can share their space, and we support proposals from the mayor of London for a registration system to help local authorities regulate short-term lets and ensure rules are applied equally to hosts on all platforms in the capital.”

    This is the link to the article 

    Is it too much to expect a short-term letting registration system in NSW, especially when the Act makes provision for it if the NSW Government is so inclined? See section 54B(2)(c) Fair Trading Amendment (Short-term Rental Accommodation) Act 2018

    5454 B   Declaration of code of conduct applying to short-term rental accommodation industry participants

    (1)  The regulations may declare that a code of conduct specified or referred to in the regulations is a code of conduct applying to short-term rental accommodation industry participants.

    (2)   Without limiting the matters for or in respect of which a code of conduct may make provision, a code of conduct may:

    (a)    set out the rights and obligations of short-term rental accommodation industry participants, and

    (b)    provide for the administration of the code by a specified person or body, and

    (c)    provide for the registration of residential premises used for the purposes of short-term rental accommodation arrangements and for the registration system to include details about when residential premises are used for those purposes, …

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    It’s quite remarkable how many short-term letting listings, around the world, disappear as soon as any form of registration is required – a sure sign that the hosts either shouldn’t be doing it or have been doing it but not paying tax or the appropriate rates and insurances.

    Apparently the next big challenge will be aggregation services taking in much smaller online letting sites which will give broader coverage  but will be harder to control due to it being harder to identify which website is ultimately responsible for the listing.

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