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    In reference to 'Your Top 20 Forum Topics' list and article in last Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald, Jimmy, I find it difficult to believe that 'noise' is not top of the list; in fact noise is not even on the list.

    In your excellent book 'Apartment Living' the chapter about noise begins: “Of all the problems that beset apartment owners, noise is the most common”.

    Please explain.

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    Hey, it surprised me too but I diligently went through and collated all the numbers of times articles had been read and that’s what I came up with. 

    No one was more surprised than I was that defects was top of the list or that pets didn’t get into the top 20 either.  Maybe there’s a growing acceptance of noise in apartments or people are starting to behave a bit better. It’s hard to say

    Thanks for your comments about Apartment Living which I am currently revising. It’s a long time since that came out and it badly needs a re-write. And people seem to be borrowing it from libraries in large numbers so I really should bring it up to date.

    For what it’s worth, I still think noise is an issue in apartments … maybe not for the people who read this website.  But maybe this will get something started.

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