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    I am going to renovate my very small ensuite as my family don’t think it is user friendly for an old bird. I will not be touching load bearing walls or changing plumbing pipes etc. I will be getting rid of a high shower hob and small wall between basin and shower. This small wall does not impact any major wall. I am getting a quote from a reputable company on 9 Feb and Uniting Home Maintenance are sending an occupational therapist to make sure I have all the necessary help

    Is there anything I need to do apart from informing the strata committee and getting the OK from them which I don’t think should be a problem.   We have an AGM on 2 February with a committee meeting after. I am on the committee and a long term (35 years) resident of the building
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    The key to this is waterproofing,

    If you are changing the floor tiles, or tiles on walls that are shared with adjoining flats or common property, you should have a special resolution by-law to shift responsibility for the waterproofing from the owners corp to you..

    It is too late to have anything added to your AGM agenda, so (if you need it) I hope you have a standard by-law that allows you to agree to the conditions of a by-law subject to its approval at the next AGM.

    Otherwise, you could put something in writing that can be agreed at the next general meeting.

    But if you aren’t re-tiling the floors or common walls, you should be OK.

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