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    We recently had our AGM where the members of the Strata Committee were elected.

    Since the meeting there has been some dispute as to the eligibility of two members elected on the night.

    The following was brought to our attention post meeting.
    1. an individual who is an owner
    2. a company nominee of a corporation that is an owner
    3. a co-owner of a lot if nominated by another owner other than the co-owner, or the co-owner if they are not a candidate. Only one co-owner of a lot can be a member at the same time.
    4. an individual who is not an owner but who is nominated for election by an owner who is not a member nor a candidate.

    The two elected members (both of whom co-own with someone else) self-nominated prior to the meeting, they were not nominated by their respective co-owners, nor another owner within the complex.

    Some questions:
    Can this just be ignored?
    Can the invalid nominees simply be told they are invalid & can we continue with a much more manageable 5 member SC as opposed to the 7 elected on the night?
    If the invalid nominees want to re-nominate can this occur, or do they need to wait until the next AGM?

    Our Strata Manager who was chairperson on the night, suggested it was all too technical & that it would be up to the 5 eligible elected members to decide if they would like the invalidly elected members to be re-nominated by their co-owner or another owner, or if the SC would like to continue as a 5 member committee.

    What would be the correct way to proceed?

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