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    The Flat Chat Wrap podcasts have just notched their 12,000th listen, which feels pretty amazing from this side of the microphone.

    If you haven’t heard one already, just go HERE, choose an episode and click on “Listen Now” – you don’t need any special equipment … it should play straight on your computer, tablet or phone.

    All that’s lacking from our point of view is your feedback.  What do you like, and what gets your teeth grinding? Do you want to hear more people in the industry, or fewer. Less JimmyT and more Sue Williams?

    Or is it the little musical stings that drive you nuts or fill your heart with joy?

    Is there something you would like us to talk about or a topic that you’ve heard more than enough about already?

    Please let us know … we do this for you guys and it would be great to hear what we can do to make it better.

    Just hit reply and let us know what you’re thinking.

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    AvatarBONNIE L

    Hi, thanks for asking, and appreciate mega response to well thought out podcasts and ideas.

    Just that plain reading is fine and sufficient here, as a bit busy for added entertainment.

    Best regards


    AvatarDavid Ng

    What do I love? The length, about 20-25 minutes is perfect for listening on the train or at home while preparing dinner etc.

    I appreciate the serious matters and the appropriate humour. The in depth coverage of important matters means that they can be fully understood.



    Sorry Jimmy, but I don’t listen to your podcasts because they are, well podcasts! (I don’t listen to any other podcasts either). Being a podcast means I have to listen to the whole thing, even those bits that don’t interest me. With a written piece I can skim read and just slow down and read the bits I want. I can get through a written piece in less than half the time of a podcast. But hey, that’s just me. As my American friends say, YMMV (YKMV just doesn’t have the same ring to it!)


    Ah, maybe that’s the issue.  I don’t think many people sit down to listen to a podcast they way they watch TV or read a book or newspaper.

    It’s something to do when you’re doing something else that doesn’t require your undivided attention. I never used to listen to podcasts either.  Now I listen when I’m out on my bike or on the train  or cooking. The bath is a particular pleasure too (I have a waterproof bluetooth speaker).

    I get my daily American politics fix from pocasts like Pod Save America and NPR Politics. David Tennant Does A Podcast With … is good fun and CrimeTown is car crash podding. I suppose it’s the radio equivalent of streaming TV shows.  You choose what to listen to and when to listen to it

    I’m a convert, and I enjoy recording and editing ours almost as much as I enjoy listening to other people’s.


    Oh, and I had to look up YMMV which apparently literally means Your Miles May Vary but apparently among the hip, wired and connected, means our experiences and/or opinions, may differ.

    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    Since you ask, the musical stings neither annoy nor delight me. I don’t think they are really needed but they don’t bother me either.

    The podcasts I often listen to are science or philosophy related ones from ABC Radio National and these: https://reneweconomy.com.au/series/podcasts/


    Lol. No-one has ever called me “hip”, “wired” or “connected”. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So “old fashioned” may be a more appropriate description of me.


    Think of “Podcasts” as “radio on demand” and it’s all a lot less daunting


    Hi Jimmy,

    I’m afraid that I’m with “Woodg62”. I don’t listen to any podcasts either. But, I appreciate all the effort that goes into making them.

    I wonder though, with all this modern technology we have today, would it be possible for you to use voice-to-text software and put up a written version of a podcast? That way I can skip etc the bits that don’t interest me and focus on those that are.  I don’t mind getting the odd-ball conversion that you sometimes get with this process – could provide the occasional chuckle that you can get from watching TV’s live captions.

    Thanks again for all the work you put into Flat Chat.




    Thank you for your kind words.

    The company that hosts our podcasts provides a surprisingly cheap voice-to-text service which clearly struggles with my mellifluous Scots-Australian semi-brogue.

    The result often ranges from the hilarious to the legally precarious and my inner sub-editor will not allow the translation out into the wild, so I abandoned it after a few attempts, not to mention late-night sessions trying to work out what I had actually said from the mangled prose of the robotized text.

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