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    URGENT. RUSH. PLEASE. Need advice. EGM coming up on site.  Wife co-owner and I can’t attend. Small strata, NSW, so one proxy each allowed. Current Strata Manager being fired won’t be there, but holds delegated position of Secretary, Treasurer and maybe even Chairman. I know who our committee members are who live here on-site, but not who are office bearers. Don’t know who’ll chair the actual meeting. They are a bit hostile.

    If we attribute a vote directly on the proxy form to every one of 15 different agenda items, can we just give a completed proxy form to one of the committee, under their door or something, and tell them all by email what we’ve done and our intentions are for our votes to be cast on every agenda item? Will our votes count, regardless of how many proxy votes committee members may already have, given the new strata rules. 

    The new proxy rules seem to imply in our strata of 36 lots, even the secretary and chair can only have one proxy each but we are voting on EVERY agenda item and not letting them vote on our behalf.

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