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    Sydney. We had a new by-law to be registered. Our Strata Manager (SM) then couldn’t find the Certificate of Title (CT) and asked the solicitor to get a replacement.

    When the invoice arrived both matters were listed in the one invoice. I objected to paying for the replacement CT. Our SM agreed that they would pay the solicitor’s time for that part, but not the disbursements relating to the replacement CT. I estimate that that will mean we are still paying more than $300 for the lost CT.

    I believe the SM is responsible for all costs relating to the lost CT. However, when do you cave in and cut your losses, particularly when it is so time-consuming going back and forth with the SM. What do others do in such cases?

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    Thanks Jimmy

    We are about to hold an EGM to end our contract with this company. I will remember the CWOT calculator. I thought there might be a legal principle involved where the committee is bound to make sure all payments are valid in much the same way we are legally bound to maintain the common property.

    So I find your response gratifying. Thank you.


    Ah, you need the Flat Chat CWOT (Complete Waste Of Time) calculator.

    What you do is add up the hours that you and any other member of the committee spends on this, including time spent lying awake, mulling and fretting, and multiply it by your average hourly rate of pay.

    When that sum reaches the designated figure – in this case $300 – you cut your losses and send the strata manager (or whoever) a polite email saying something like “your reluctance to pay is noted and will be a factor when we are considering your next contract”.


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