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    I’m hoping to find someone to help me who knows normal Microsoft stuff and knows how to look through strata records on computer at the Strata Manager’s Lower North Shore Sydney office. Maybe someone who’s an experienced Strata Committee member or someone experienced in the Strata Management industry, possibly retired. Or even a business who does this. They might need to be, I’ll say ‘forthright’. I’ll go too, but dealing with our Strata Manager can be… err… stressful. There’s a lack of transparency. Lots of committee decisions are made and not in agendas or minutes so I’m hoping for lots of revealing correspondence.

    I’ve been using Macs for 30 years but not much good with anything else.

    Any ideas, please? Would Air Tasker be good to look at? I can pay but as an individual, not much : )

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    G’day MotM,

    I’m no strata records hot-shot but I may have the time to help you and I’m Microsoft-savvy. You can call me on 0426 059 779.



    Airtasker has an admin section so you might find assistance there.  Possibly more expensive (if even available) but hugely knowledgeable would be our friends at strataanswers.com.au.  No harm in asking.

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