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    We have a situation whereby a owner is renovating his bathroom at his cost, but wants the OC to pay for the regrouting of the floor.  There is no evidence of water penetration below the tiles but the grouting is patchy because of age.  He says he has been advised by Fair Trading that all aspects of ensuring that bathroom and shower floors and walls including the ongoing maintenance of grouting and sealants is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation.

    If there was water penetration, I can accept that is the OC’s responsibility to seal off, but do not understand why maintenance of the grouting is an OC responsibility.

    The OC has recently told all owners that it is their responsibility to ensure the flexi hoses inside units are maintained, and that if they burst with water release adversely affecting common property, the OC will pass on the excess of an insurance claim to the unit owner. This was passed at an GM earlier this week.

    Logically, therefore, all aspects of maintenance inside a unit is the responsibility of the owner.

    Can you advise who is responsible for maintenance of grouting to prevent water leakage.

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