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    Hi, we have a leak in the bedroom (2nd), around the window seal. Apparently it’s from the down pipe from the rooftop and is under building warranty claim that seems to be going on for ever. Some 2 years (almost) ago, I received a phone call from my managing agent saying the bedroom is full of mould and damage, we need to get it fixed and re-painted, I said go ahead not being aware of the leak at this stage. 



    Some months later we found out about the leak and submitted the bill to the Owners Corporation, the executive committee denied the claim based on not following due diligence, I re-submitted explaining I was sleeping in a hospital beside my dad in end of life care and had to make a decision. I have never received a response although chasing up the Strata Manager, who has just advised me the decision stands from the Executive Committee. 



    Can someone tell me my rights and what I do about this the amount was $750, so not overalls worried, just think it needs to be fair and just as per the Act.




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