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    Last week the water kept coming up out of drain in floor of bathroom .  We called the Strata Manager who said it was” my responsibility to keep lot in good order” .  I don’t believe I should go ferreting in drains and believe the pipe is connected to the Owners Corp pipes.
    The Chairman of the OC bought some Drain Cleaner which I think dissolved the fats and it seemed to work but I don’t know for how long.  Think the issue will raise its ugly head again and cause damage to ceiling below (I’m on top floor) and also my carpets. The Cleaner was $13.80 which I am happy to pay the Chairman but he put on a fuss and the Strata Manager said he would charge back to my Unit.   Can you please advise.

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    Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it.  I forget to mention property is in NSW.  Cheers.


    The pipes in the common property floor are the responsibility of the owners corp,  What goes into the pipes – in this case, probably, waste water from the shower, bath, sink and maybe washing machine – is the lot owner’s responsibility.

    So if there’s a design flaw in the pipes – a kink or narrowing of some kind – that’s down to them.

    But if your houshold has created a mini fatberg of, say,  hair, cat litter, oil and gunk, then that’s down to you.

    And if it’s backwash from another apartment, then the owners corp should be dealing with that lot’s occupant, not you.

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