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    The owners’ corporation has recently approved a bylaw allowing me to renovate my bathroom (major works) as part of the AGM they just held.

    Previously I was told that it would cost about $400 to register the bylaw and that this cost would be split between myself and the owners corporation. However, I’ve just been given a $1600 bill from the law firm which drafted the bylaw to register this.

    Does anyone know how much it usually costs to register a bylaw and how and if these costs are split?

    Thank you

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    Normally, for a by-law that will only benefit one owner, they will pay the full fare on this.  But if this is the first by-law of many identical subsequent by-laws, the owners corp really should carry a lot of the burden since everyone is going to benefit one way or the other.

    By the way, if you didn’t agree in writing to pay the lawyer’s bill, I would tell them to stick it.

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