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    For quite some time we have been paying a lot more than we should for gas, due to a leak on the property – you can smell it but not see it at a point near the front entrance to a block of 6 flats.
    We have been pointing this out at every inspection for some years but until a recent renovation to one of the flats, it went ignored and ‘undetected’. My latest gas bill says our 2 bed flat with 2 occupiers is using the equivalent of a 5 bed household. How can I claim some of the cost of the leaking gas back? Do I have any solid recourse or is it a case of ask and see? Thank you Jimmy-T, I love this site and the column.


    It depends where the responsibility for the physical connection of the gas begins and ends.  If it’s the supplier side, make a claim to them. If it’s the consumer side,, and you are an owner, make a claim against the owners corp for not maintaining common property … but bear in mind that everyone else can do the same so you may be no better off.

    If you are a tenant, make a claim against the landlord for failing to tell the Owners Corp to fix it.

    And thank-you for your kind words.

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    Thank you Jimmy, much appreciated.

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