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    The 2011 link to the Institute of Strata Titles Management does not work nor does the website address or telephone provided by Google.  Does ISTM still function and if so what is the correct contact . Is ISTM still the next call after the Managing Partner of the Strata Manager.

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    ISTM is now Strata Community Association (SCA-NSW)  – used to be Strata Community Australia but now they cover New Zealand too.

    If you have a complaint about a strata manager, they might listen if they are members, but then again they might not.  And if they do take on your issue, they will ask you to pay to join SCA (as part of their dubious “owners Branch”), and even then there’s no guarantee they will do anything.

    Your best bet, such as it is, is a complaint to Fair Trading … who will also not do very much.

    Why is the SCA Owners Branch “dubious”?  Look, they are decent enough people and they do a good job of educating owners and committee members, but it’s part of an organisation run by and for strata managers.  It’s like an organisation for bank customers being run by the banks.

    For independent advice, you’d be better off contacting the Owners Corporation Network (OCN.org.au)

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