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    My mother lives in unit  of  housing department  with  common  lanudry  room . The  power point is locked  with  a private lock. My  mother possesses the key to open the lock.  The reason that  I am certain someone stealing electricity is the lock  changed by someone.  My mother has  has own washing machine so she  does not need using common laundry room.  I remember the tock is completely rusted. because it has not  be  touched  for at least 15 years.  I  cannot  have any evidence  to prove which neighbour steals electricity.  Please advice me what to do if I can find  who steal the electricity with  evidence.

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    I think Both Sir Humphrey & David Ng have miss interpreted the first line from the OP ( unit  of  housing department ) traditionally this style of housing is wholly owned & managed by a state government / local council / housing authority. As suggested by David Ng, check the fuse box first, if this is NOT an option, contact your point of contact at relevant government / council / authority, there may be the option to disable your mums power point in the Laundry.

    ( ie get an electrician to terminate the wiring behind the Power outlet! )

    AvatarDavid Ng

    Does every unit have their own power point in the common laundry? If so there may well be a switch on your fuse box, often located in your unit.

    Look for a switch that is labelled ‘laundry’ or something similar and turn it off. Have one person in the laundry with an appliance plugged in and see if it loses power. If so then all good.

    If there are no individual switches then it’s owner’s corporation power and the committee gets to deal the cost.



    Sir HumphreySir Humphrey

    The laundry room is common property. All residents should have access to the common property. The committee is responsible to maintain the common property on behalf of the owners. I would take it up with the committee that the room cannot be accessed. Are you sure the committee didn’t just change or fix the locks and your mother missed the announcement that anyone wanting to use the room should collect a replacement key?

    If that is not it, then suggest to the committee that they should get the room opened and they should pay attention to the electricity outlets in the room. Is anything connected that shouldn’t be? If someone has done something dodgy with the wiring, then the committee should get it checked by an electrician if for no other reason than safety but also get it traced. If no-one is legitimately using the electricity for its intended purpose, ask the electrician to pull out the fuse or otherwise disconnect it in a way that can be easily reversed if someone does want to use the laundry room for laundry. Has the OC had unusually high bills lately?

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