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    I own an apartment on the 5th floor of a 9 floor block in Victoria The aircon compressor is situated on the roof.
    According to the aircon technician there is a fault in the wiring somewhere between the compressor and my apartment so power is getting to the system within the apartment. The cause is unknown. Is this a problem for the body corporate to sort out or for me personally.
    I would appreciate your advice.

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    If it’s a eg split system unit that services your lot only, as seems to be the case, then in Victoria the OC Act states that the lot is responsible for its maintenance.

    No OC Rule can change that.

    It doesn’t matter that parts of the unit are sited on common property or that its plumbing and electrics pass though common or even other lot property (allowed by implied easements), it’s still a lot responsibility. Victoria is different to some other states/territories in this regard.

    Repairs can sometimes be tricky and expensive.  It depends on how it was installed.  And the lot owner must repair any damage done to common property or another lot’s property.






    Who owns the equipment – OC or individual unit? Was the condensor & cabling installed with the approval of the OC/strata manager?

    Were there any conditions associated with the approval regarding roof/riser access and maintenance?



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