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    We own an apartment  in a building that has a car stacker.
    Our apartment doesn’t have allocated parking . I am wondering why we should also contribute to the costs associated with the maintenance of the stacker.
    I would appreciate your guidance

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    Many thanks for your response

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    The simplest way to discover whther you are paying for the stacker or not is to comparethe Unit Entitlements of your unit with another that’s roughly the same size or value and has a car slot. If they’re the same, then you are being over charged and the way to remedy that is to have the Unit Entitlements adjusted (which is, as Kaindub suggested, notoriously hard to do).

    However, the maintenance of the stacker will be a line item in your scheme’s annual budget so that will give you a starting point to “reverse engineer ” the Unit Entitlements (UEs) to discover if the savings you and other owners in a similar situation might make would be worth the expense and hassle of taking this to NCAT for adjudication.



    If the car stacker was on the original strata plan, then your lot unit entitlements reflect the lower value of your lot compared to others that have a parking space. Thats the theory anyway.

    Therefore the levies you pay compared to someone that has a parking space is less. So whilst your levies do go to maintaining the car stacker overall you are paying less levies than others (with a car space)

    If the car stacker was installed after the original strata plan, then there SHOULD have been some account in order to make those who benefit from the stacker pay more.

    Also check that the car stacker is common property. If it is not, then you ceratinly should not be paying for any maintenence and running costs for it.

    Trying to change what you have now is going to be very costly and difficult.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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