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    I know many of us are hyper-conscious about internet security and privacy these days and many people won’t even log on to the internet without switching on their VPN (virtual private network).

    However,  a couple of users on this website have been running nasty campaigns against their neighbours, using a variety of different names, but all telling variations of the same story.  At worst, it amounts to a virtual “pile-on”, all emanating from one person.

    This is strictly against Flat Chat policy but we have to be able to spot the miscreants and the first line of defence is to identify the IP addresses of the posters, and weed them out that way.  If they go to the trouble of setting up VPNs -as some have done – then we can’t do that.

    Hopefully, this filter won’t affect your abilty to get online when you want to.  But if it does, let me know on mail@flat-chat.com.au and I’ll try to fix it.

    Apologies for this but there are some baddies out their and we have to keep them in check, to protect you, our valued Flatchatters.

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