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    So, the NSW State election has come and gone and nothing much has changed … or has it?  And will some of the mooted changes at the top – as in who will be the Minister in charge of strata –  be as bad for us as we might fear.

    Sadly, we will be denied the Labor-proposed Strata Commissioner, …

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    I must confess I was disappointed to see a Nationals MP allocated the portfolio that includes strata.

    i was also disappointed to see that another Nationals MP had been allocated Housing ( where strata logically belongs).

    You wouldn’t appoint an inner city Sydney MP as Minister for agriculture so excuse me for being disappointed .

    But yes I await the interview.

    Lady Penelope

    Lets give him a chance, JT! He looks like a decent bloke.

    Here is an extract from his bio: Kevin Anderson was elected as the Member for Tamworth in 2010 after 17 years in the region working as a journalist, news anchor and communications professional.

    We can all attest to the fact that journos and columnists can also be interested in and knowledgeable about strata. 😉


    Brilliant. A Nationals Party member for Tamworth is our new go-to guy for strata?  Obviously an April Fools joke!

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    & the lucky winner is: Kevin Anderson – Better Regulation and Innovation

    (according to SBS news.)

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