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    I have a question: what should I do?

    First, your question may have already been asked and answered (many times).  You can go to the Sub-forum list of topics – which cover most possibilities – and see if you can find it there.

    There’s too much to scroll through – how do I search?

    Yes, with over 15,000 posts on this website it’s a lot to sift through. The best way is to go to the sub-forum that covers your area of interest, then type a key word in the search panel.

    I did that and I got nothing

    Maybe you are in the wrong sub-forum.  If you have a question about parking but you are in the pets section, you probably won’t get anything.  Find the right section or click on the “group” heading “Flat Chat Forum- your questions answered” which will cover all topics.

    OK, now I have more than 2000 possible posts listed.

    You are probably using too many key words or one word that is too general.  A phrase like my neighbour is parking on common property will pull in every post that has ANY of those words – neighbour, parking, common and property. Likewise, just putting “strata problem” is way too general and will get similar results.  Try to be more specific AND search in the subtopic of interest.

    OK, I’m ready to post a question now.

    Go to the topic’s home page, click the “add topic” button, put in a short and snappy heading, write your post as clearly as you can and click on “submit”. Don’t forget to also click on “subscribe” so that you get an email whenever anyone has answered your question.

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