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    There is an aggressive push by our Executive Committee to get solar panels put on the rooves of our 36 unit strata of which 12 units are on top, next to the rooves including us. (Three sets of 12 units, slightly attached.)

    While I feel being green is a noble aim, I am disturbed by the unseemly haste things are forging ahead while other, currently more important projects are being neglected. The funds for installation should really be being spent in other areas I think.

    Sure it may save us all some money in the long term, but it is unclear how the savings will be distributed, how long until the savings are realized and no firm guarantee has been given about amounts of savings.

    I realize Special General Meeting type Resolutions will be required but in our apathetic building this probably won’t be a problem. The fact is, I smell a rat and feel like posing some questions. We have an ‘information night’ coming up but that is being run by the Solar Company and is unlikely to answer questions I think need to be answered, such as the ones above and whether our 40 year old roof which has just been checked and tiles and ridge caps replaced etc. can hold a number of solar panels.

    I have read through some posts here in the green section of Flat Chat and hope someone with experience might offer advice.

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