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    A near neighbour near in our North Shore, Sydney apartment block of 42 has left a polite note with a token gift saying they’re having a party of close friends and apologising in advance for noise and inconvenience. That all sounds nice and polite.

    We are however a historically quiet building in a quiet location. Almost everyone is respectful and it’s known we’re ‘not a party building’. Noise transmits easily here as the building was cheaply built in the 70s. In addition there are several senior citizens, couples with babies and small children—a real variety; not many young singles like to ones about to hold the ‘party of close friends’ with apparently no other residents invited.

    My household and others are a little worried. We see their notification as as warning they are going to create some disturbance and because we’ve been notified, or should I say warned, they’re going to do whatever they like, on the night and we better not complain. Also this will establish a precedent. They’ll be polite notes every weekend and we’ll soon be party central.

    There’s a great pub 15 minutes walk away, it’s big and allows small parties in discrete sections of what I assume used to be its hotel accomodation. Why can’t these people go there or to one of our local ‘small bars’? I thought that’s what they were for.

    Am I worrying unnecessarily? Am I sounding unreasonable, unfair? In this day and age with so many living in apartments, are THEY being unreasonable? Is there anything we can do?

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Flat Chat Forum Neighbour noise Current Page