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    Has anyone has had experience with wireless pollution within apartment blocks? I live in a flat (am a tenant), and have recently discovered I'm sandwiched in a wireless network. There is a tenant who doesn't want to pay internet connection, and is “piggybacking”,with the network owner's consent and for a small fee, onto that person's wireless connection. This has escalated the level of wireless radiation, due to positioning of router antennas etc. to maximise the signal to the piggybacker, and I'm being affected by it. I have had significant health issues over the last 2 years, and I've only just discovered that this is the cause of it. I have had to temporarily move out of the flat while I figure out what to do.
    With the incredible proliferation in wireless that's occurring, this could be a real problem in blocks of flats in the future.


    Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated

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