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    We are down-sizers and new to strata laws. Our unit is in Sydney. Before we purchased, the OC passed a motion giving the strata committee (SC) authority to make decisions instead of the OC making them at AGMs and EGMs.

    Several other owners have told us that the SC have been exceeding the authority and, in fact, abusing it. We’ve read the resolution and it doesn’t list what kinds of decisions the SC can make. The SC has been changing common property which we and many other owners disapprove of.

    Firstly, does the authority need to be renewed at each AGM? Or does it last until formally revoked some time in the future by another resolution?

    Secondly, can the authority be revoked at an EGM or AGM?

    If SC members resign or are not voted back in, does the authority extend to the new SC?


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