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    re Multiple Pet Ownership in NSW Strata – By-laws Option A (owners corp must not unreasonably withhold pet ownership application).

    One  unit owner has already 2 cats for several years (without having notified the strata manager and being approved by OC). Now he submitted an application and wants permission to have a third animal in the apartment, a small dog. Can the Strata Committee withhold permission on the grounds that 3 animals are too many in a 2-bedroom apartment with balcony (no garden) and that there is no medical necessity being claimed?

    Would the lack of seeking approval for the existing two cats and/or the fact that these cats sometimes roam the planted garden areas away from the paved footpaths on a leash constitute a reason to withhold approval for the additional pet?

    Thank you

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    Sir Humphrey

    The fact that the owners apparently only take the cats out on a leash suggests that they are responsible pet owners. If they also collect any soiling of the common property, then that is further evidence of their responsibility.

    I would give permission subject to typical conditions such as:

    -that any soiling of the common property be immediately removed.

    -that their animals must be under the supervision and control of a responsible person at all times when on the common property.

    -that permission can be revoked if an animal is shown to cause substantial nuisance (eg. excessive barking).

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