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    Hi Flatchatters


    NSW Today workers came up  on  my roof.  This roof is above our bedroom a stair case and an ensuite. The roof  has a failed membrane and is part of a tribunal. The workers who were on the roof were not waterproofers nor were they wearing safety helmets. They just turned up  un announced which makes noise inside our home and also invades our privacy as they can look down into our terrace. We were not notified of this and the area has lots of lot property items like security cameras cables air conditioners etc. What are my rights? The committee said it is common property and they can do what ever they want up there. But I thought as it was on my roof all be it CP, and  it affected me I deserve some kind of notification. There has been bad blood for years and they said they were cleaning the roof. First of all they told me they were abseilers then they changed their tune as I recognised them as the building tradie that the committee use all the time.  This area is leaking already into my home and cleaning a failed membrane seems pointless.

    We were not notified  by the strata manager. We were expecting real abseilers who turned up eventually. I understand the committee has the right to maintain common property but  can they tramp over head with no notice to the owner.



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