Don’t panic!

The chances are you have come to this page because you were trying to access a link to a Forum post that was created before we changed to our new platform.
We are trying to fix this (preferably without breaking everything else) but in the meantime there is a fairly simple workaround.

If you look to the very top of the page you will see the address in the window will look something like this (obviously fake) URL:

All you have to do is changeĀ  the word “forum” to “topic” in the URL, so it reads:

… hit enter, and you’ll be there.

Obviously, we are planning to fix this properly as soon as we can, but that will get you to where you want to be until such times as we do.

And if you’ve ended up here for any other reason, please email us on with details and we’ll try to sort things out for you

Thanks for your patience …